Steel Horizon Incorporated

Defending the Earth (Patent Pending)


The reclusive billionaire, Leonard Skoville, formed Steel Horizon in the middle of the 31st Century. Motivated to become the largest asteroid mining corporation on the planet, S.H.I. quickly built up the largest array of long distance observation satellites ever developed. Weather or not this allowed them early knowledge of the impending alien invasion, which they withheld from the government, is not a subject that is often mentioned in mixed company. How much they were aware of and when became a moot point when the alien craft began descending from the sky.

What is known for sure is that S.H.I. entered the Private Security business in the middle of October, 3113. Mostly drawing from candidates who were drummed out of military service for ruthless behavior, S.H.I.’s Elite squad was renown for their deadly efficiency, even before the first of the invaders landed.


Col. Gerhard “Panzerfaust” Holtz:

Maj. Alice Carter:


Steel Horizon Incorporated

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