Advantage Force

One Team, One Task, One Target


In 3099, the Active Earth Media Corporation (AEMco) launched Advantage Force, the hit reality series that pitted the world’s top athletes against an array of deadly challenges, obstacle courses, and robotic enemies.

The show’s booming success was due in part to the ever-increasing ferocity of its producers, who sought more and more advanced ways to put the show’s stars in mortal peril, while still offering the possibility of survival — a balance that was never found. Approaching its 15th season, Advantage Force ratings were in decline.

“This invasion is a godsend… Every dead alien brings in a new viewer. Every dead soldier brings in three.”
- Otis Hammamota, former VP of Marketing, AEMco

According to statements made by Advantage Force producers, the upcoming season will see Earth’s beloved athletes face off against the alien threat.

“Reality just got really, really, real.”
- ‘Commander’ William Werth Power, current point-leader on Advantage Force

  • Advantage Force is a subsidiary of Active Earth Media Corporation and parent companies. Any resemblance to an actual military operation is coincidental. All human contestants are of legal consent. All fatalities and injuries (alien) are covered by the Public Media Invasion Response Act of 3113. All rights reserved.


  • William Werth Power
  • Dominique “Bombshell” Eyoto
  • Rager Makinny
  • Zjenifer “Moon Man” Myuman
  • Ten Salvo

Advantage Force

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